jb_roundHello- my name is Joshua Butterfield and I am an educated Natural Health Care Consultant with a passion for Nutrition and Exercise Science.

I have had a personal interest in these aspects for over 20 years and have had the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers and representatives in the industry. The business of Nutrition has blossomed in the last 25 years, but there is still a big demand for personalized service and intelligent discussion.

I have made it my life to offer assistance and advise to thousands of individuals all over the world!

Through VitaminConnection.com I am able to reach even more people than ever before. Look around the site as there is an abundance of healthy information and links, but if you have questions feel free to drop me a note.

Vitamin Connection Location
Our Cincinnati Office (upstairs)

Any comment or request for information will be responded to, generally pretty quickly. I try to prioritize my time with individuals that have questions about nutritional health or fitness goals. Just a fair warning to solicitors, I may not respond to your requests as rapidly. Please respect the fact that I am trying to help people with health concerns through this site.

That said, please fill in the appropriate fields below!

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